Marketing Writing for a Range of Businesses

I'm a marketing copywriter with experience in consumer, B2B, and corporate image advertising. I've written traffic-building web content and popular blog posts. I've done long-copy collateral for a clean-energy investment firm as well as a creative theme for an American Mathematical Association website. I've done confidential naming/branding work for David Wood Associates in New York City on both consumer products and pharmaceuticals. In addition, at BBDO, I named a national cat food brand that has been a market leader for years. My copywriting at RDA included diverse "enthusiast" high-tech clients: Denon audio equipment, KEF loudspeakers -- including a distinctive outdoor livingroom ad -- and million-dollar Viking yachts.

My work has been repeatedly chosen as the best thinking and writing to present in agency-wide marketing pitches to win new clients for large mainstream agencies. But I've also done well at smaller agencies in places like Raleigh, North Carolina and Rochester, New York. All of which shows I love ad agencies, whether large or small.

Agencies of any size have been good to me. In fact, my DuPont corporate TV campaign and my Shimano rod mailer were both nominated for national advertising awards: the DuPont for an ANDY, the Shimano collateral for a CLIO.

As you explore my advertising portfolio, you'll find my powerful copywriting concepts executed in seo web pages, print, collateral, direct response and broadcast.

B2B Marketing Using Specialized Knowledge

Caution: I've targeted some ads to their audience so specifically that you have to be in that audience to understand the concepts right away. Otherwise, you'll need a footnote or my explanation. (I'm thinking of my Bausch & Lomb microscope print ad. Most microscopes look at dead specimens, stained to increase the contrast of microscopic cells. Bausch & Lomb engineered this microscope to look at live cultures. So "Life Never Looked Better." It's not Shakespeare, but the client hired our agency because of it as well as my long-time experience with their products.)

Throughout my portfolio, you'll find effective and memorable concepts executed in print, SEO web copy, collateral, direct response and broadcast.

P.S. Maybe you don't have time now to look at my many portfolio examples right now, so why not just download my selected PDF portfolio? Thanks for visiting my online book.

“John did some very creative work for our agency and was especially gifted coming up with the big idea. I'd like to work with him again!”

John Brown, President, Chief Creative Officer, Blair/BBDO

“I have known John for over 20 years and have used him for freelance creative through the years.”

Jeff Nordensson, President,
The Nordensson Group

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